Truck Towing in Melbourne that helps forklift damaged and broken trucks from your garage

If you have a scrap truck or used truck in your garage, then you could sell it off to a truck wrecking company in Melbourne. Now how would you plan on doing it? First you need a tow truck that could haul over your truck from your garage to the junkyard. For that you need to get a truck towing that can carry you vehicle to the junkyard. Thus hiring a tow trucker company would be your only bet where you would also have to pay the  truck towing company for helping you tow your truck and carry it to the junkyard.

Truck Towing Company

But if you do not want to or cannot afford to pay for a tow trucking company, then it is best to call up the tow truck wrecker company to whom you would be selling your truck to. Once you call to discuss business, we will send you a tow truck to pick up your truck or 4×4. We have large tow trucks that can help carry your truck or 4X4s from your garage or your backyard to our scrap yard.  There are many such tow trucking companies in Melbourne, but according to most of our customers, we are one of the best in the business.

Cash for Trucks

Being a truck wrecker company, we provide our customers with good cash amount. We will pay our customers with at least or up to $10,000 in cash. No matter how damaged or broken your truck may have been, we will still take it.  Just bring it to us and we will evaluate it. Finally we will set a price to it and buy it from you or the seller. Tow trucker companies like us in Melbourne, will provide you with the best cash for truck services that no other truck wrecker companies can provide you with. Plus we do not charge anything for helping you tow your truck to our junkyard.

Best tow trucking service in Melbourne

How good of a deal is it? No one offers you a better deal than us. Come to us and we will provide you w



is the best tow trucks and tow trucking services. No matter how bad the condition of your truck maybe, we will buy it from you in exchange of cash. Once they are sold, they are taken to the junkyard and recycled. There are plenty of truck wrecker companies in Melbourne, but we at Tow truck Melbourne will provide you with the best tow trucking service.

Get in touch with us

If you are looking to sell your truck, then simply fill in the form on the website or call the number on the website. We will get back to you as soon as possible with some solutions to your queries. We guarantee you positive results while you think of selling your truck to us. Come to us and you won’t regret it.