Mercedes truck wreckers in Melbourne at a good exchange price

If you are stuck on selling your unwanted truck, then you can do so by bringing it to us at ‘Cash for truck wreckers’. They will provide you with the best cash that you can imagine. We will provide you with at least $8,999. No other truck wrecker company can provide you with that much cash for your trucks. Thus come to us and you won’t regret it. Plus we also provide free truck removal in Melbourne. If we have to haul your truck, we will do that free. There are no charges, neither are there any hidden fees.

Cash for unwanted trucks

We provide cash for used trucks whether light or heavy vehicles, no matter what condition they are in. Apart from that, we also provide free truck removal service to our sellers. For each Mercedes that you sell to us, we will pay you around or up to $8,999 and not less. If it is good condition, then chances are that you will get a good amount. This works well both ways. You can get rid of the scrap truck as quickly as possible and make money out of it and the car wrecker company also get the scrap truck they wanted.

Various Mercedes truck brands

You will get best cash for trucks and also offer free removal from whenever your veh

Mercedes truck wreckers Melbourne

Mercedes truck wreckers

icle is in Melbourne. We will quickly and swiftly dispose of Mercedes trucks and get best cash for trucks. Apart from paying cash, we will also provide free removal from your garage to our junkyard. Here are a few Mercedes Benz trucks that we wreck including 4x4wd models, are Mercedes-Benz L-series truck, Mercedes-Benz MB700 (coe), Mercedes-Benz Axor, Mercedes-Benz Zetros and Mercedes-Benz Cito are just to name a few. There are more brands to add to this, but we only name a few.


We offer the best cash amount of $8,999

We will pay cash for any Mercedes trucks and 4x4s, in any condition including no wheels, rusty trucks, damaged trucks, incomplete trucks and other factors. We have at least a decade of experience in the field of auto recycling industry. We can help you with all the Mercedes truck brands that you can name. Our main aim is customer satisfaction, as we will provide you with the best cash amount. We at truck wreckers Melbourne, is here to help you out. Just call us and get your Mercedes truck evaluated.

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If you like our service, talk to some of our customers. They will provide you with a good reference as to what the services we usually provide to our customers. If you need more help, then you can call the number provided on our website or also fill up the form on the website. One of our representatives will get back to you shortly to answer all your queries. We have the best customer service that no other truck wrecker company can provide you with.