Kia truck wreckers Melbourne that provides a handful of dollars in exchange of your truck

In case you are looking for experienced and reputed Kia wreckers in Melbourne, then you have come to the right place. We at ‘Cash for truck wreckers’ provide free Kia truck wrecker Melbourne services in Melbourne. Here we buy Kia trucks, vans, 4wds and other branded trucks from Kia. We wreck, dismantle and recycle all such cars by paying a good price to sellers. It doesn’t matter if Kia vehicles are in running condition or not, scrap or junk, used or new, not registered or registered, we will take it all. We provide good cash for every Kia truck that you buy from your potential seller.

Maximum cash for broken and scrap Kia trucks

We will pay you at least a total of $8,999 for each Kia truck, no matter how badly broken or damaged it may be. Then you are at the correct place. We pay the maximum amount of cash for any Kia truck wreckers Melbourne

Kia truck wreckers

Kia truck wreckers

truck that you have to sell to us. No matter how badly broken or damaged your truck may have been, bring it to us and we guarantee you we will take it in any condition. If your truck is in good condition, then there are chances that you may receive more money out of it. We welcome any model and the date of manufacture that you have for any Kia van or truck.

Various different brands of Kia trucks

We accept all models and brands including trucks, vans, 4x4s and other models. We deal with various other brands of Kia trucks including Kia Carens, Caerato, and Magentis.  We provide our sellers with at least $8,999 in cash instantly right after we evaluate their truck. If you have a junk truck in your backyard, give us a call. It would be better to do a research and find out the best truck wrecker company in Melbourne. We offer you a lot of benefits, if you choose us.

Car evaluation at your place

Once that is taken care of, if you think of choosing us, then we will provide you with a car wrecker expert to your home. We provide free inspection of the Kia truck. There is minimal paper work from our side. They will evaluate your Kia truck and tow it to their scrap yard. They are the ones who decide on buying junk and broken trucks and pay a good hefty price for it. Unlike many other car removal companies, we will remove you or unwanted and junk Kia truck for free. There are no towing charges.

Free no obligation quote

If you are looking for a quote, then you can ask us for a free no obligation quote and we will gladly help you out. If you like our services, then call us on the number provided on our website. You can also fill up the required field in the form provided on this website.  Alternatively you could also email us with further queries if you have any and find some answers to your queries.