Ford Truck Wreckers Melbourne

We at ‘Cash for truck wreckers’ provide Ford truck wreckers in Melbourne. Ford trucks are available in the whole Australian market and also available in various makes and models. Ford trucks are one of the most famous trucker companies in Australia or all over the world. It is a truck brand you cannot forget. With maximum usage, Ford trucks are prone to heavy wear and tear and can eventually turn into a junk truck after certain periods of use. If you have a ford truck that you need to sell, sell it to us at ‘Cash for truck wreckers’ as we pay good cash for it.

We purchase scrap Ford trucks from sellers

We are an ultimate solution to all your ford truck wrecking needs and provide removal services to all broken and junk Ford tr

Ford Truck Wreckers Melbourne

Ford Truck Wreckers Melbourne

ucks. We buy scrap and broken trucks from different sellers and finally dismantle and recycle them. We have been wrecking and buy trucks for about 10 years now or more. We cater to the needs of the customers and provide the best cash for each Ford truck that they have to sell to us.  We will pay you around $8,999 for each truck if they are in a good condition.

Advantages to truck wrecking service

If not, then we also take broken and damaged trucks as well. No matter how badly battered and broken your trucks may have been, we will still take it. This way you get rid of your unwanted Ford truck and also get to make money out of it. You benefit both ways. We mostly work within Geelong and Ballarat city area. You may ask yourself why Ford truck wrecker services after all. Here is the answer. You get free obligation quote, you make maximum amount of cash, we provide you with one of the most convenient channels of providing your truck details.

Our service centers are located all throughout Melbourne

Further reasons include we mostly process minimal or no paperwork sometimes, you do not have to look for a removal service as we can do that for you. This way you save a lot of money from towing expenses. Call us and give us the directions. We will tow your truck from your garage to our junkyard. Once they are evaluated, we pay you cash on spot instantly. No gimmicks and no tricks! Call us on the number provided on our website or fill up the form on the website, so that a representative can call you back on that number of yours and offer you some help.

We work with various different Ford trucks and brands

It is an absolutely hassle free service and takes almost no time to tow your Ford truck. We do no charge for towing the truck as well. We also pay you good money for it. Some of the Ford trucks we wreck include Ford 0409, Ford Big Mover, Ford Cargo 1113 and Ford Cargo 2417 like trucks. Now sell your junk Ford truck of any years, age, model and condition-as this is one of the best reasons as to why you must get rid of your unwanted scrap truck. Finally we dismantle them and recycle them.