Cash for scrap trucks in Melbourne that offers best cash in the region in comparison to other car wrecker companies

We at ‘Cash for truck wreckers Melbourne’ provide good cash for used  trucks and broken or damaged 4x4s. No matter how broken or damaged your truck may be, you could bring it to us and we will buy it from you. We deal with trucks with all makes and models. We also deal with various truck brands including Isuzu, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, and Mazda trucks like brands. So all the truck scrap that you leave on your backyard or on the streets of Melbourne, is usually collected as a regulation service and a common practices by various truck wreckers companies and recycled to keep the environment clean and green.

Best Cash for Scarp Trucks in Melbourne!

‘Cash for truck wreckers Melbourne’ provides best cash for broken and damaged trucks. We will pay our sellers with up to $8,999 amount for each and every truck they bring in to our junkyard. No one in the Melbourne region will provide you with that much cash for one scrap truck or a truck in good condition. If you want to sell your old truck, just call the concerned truck wrecker agency and they will send you a truck wrecker expert at your doorstep to evaluate your old truck. Once the evaluation is complete, they assign a price tag on your broken truck.

Truck removal services apart from cash for trucks

Cash for trucks in Melbourne also provides customers with truck removal services as well. So if you have a scrap truck, and you need to haul it over to our junkyard, then you may have to hire a towing company that provide 24/7 car towing service. They may charge you heavily for it, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cash for Scrap Trucks


Once you enter in to a deal with your concerned truck wrecker company, you can ask them for a tow truck and they will gladly send you a larger tow truck to load up your old and broken truck and carry it to the scrap yard. We do not charge you anything for towing your truck from your garage or your backyard to our junkyard; neither do we have any hidden charges. So rest assured, you are in safe hands when you do business with us as our prices are absolutely fabulous in comparison to other truck wrecker agencies in Melbourne. None others are capable of paying anything close to it.

Average pricing in the market

Cash for scarp trucks through us at ‘Cash for truck wreckers Melbourne’ is probably the highest in the whole Melbourne region. On an average, other truck wrecker companies will or can only pay you something close to $5,000 or lesser. Would you really like to call that a deal? Now you know the obvious reasons as to why people or sellers would like to choose us above all other truck wrecker companies in Melbourne. Come to us and we won’t disappoint you. That’s a guarantee we provide to all our current and potential customers in the market. You can balk upon us for a better price on your used truck.