Truck wreckers Melbourne’ is a car wrecker service agency, located in Melbourne and well known for its services when it comes to car wreckage, cash for car services or car removals as well in Melbourne.

Car wreckers Melbourne’ is a well known car agency in Australia. If you have a car that is broken and cannot be driven, they can provide you with the best options in removing your car from your home till the junkyard.

Once it reaches the junkyard, it is removed to recycle. No matter what kind of your vehicle may have, we take them all. The cars are recycled, but before going to that, most of the spare parts are removed from the vehicle and kept aside.

Such spare parts can be used for replacing inside other vehicles that needs it the most. People that are not willing to buy it from an official stor

Truck Wrecker


e, the biggest reason might be that you would not have a high budget for shopping at such stores.


Cash for Cars Melbourne’ also provides you with the best car removals,Truck Wrecker services. People might ask often, how they would carry such a huge truck from their garage to the junkyard. The answer is simple enough. The Truck Wrecker has huge and heavy towing trucks that can carry any vehicle from your home to the junkyard.

Tow trucks can bear and carry any large trucks  and vehicles that are quite heavy. They take in any vehicles that you may have; whether it’s a big SUV or a big truck . It could also be some kind of mini-vans too. They work with any other vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs, Utes and vans as well. They are also known to work with various brands including Toyota,

Mazda, Corolla, Kia and many such brands.